Courses, resources, and activities designed for educators, school leaders, administrators, and the entire school community. Here you will unlock our evidence-based curriculum and learn how to successfully implement our program with your students and schools.

Bring MindUP home with classes and resources developed for parents, caregivers, and guardians. Here you have the opportunity to learn about mindful parenting, sleep techniques for your children and interactive activities to do as a family.

In order to take care of our children it's important we take care of ourselves. Here you can explore courses, resources, and personal practices designed for adults to support personal well-being.


Brain Break Resource Center

Explore our Brain Break Resource Center for guided brain breaks and a variety of chimes.

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Breath Resource Center

Explore our Breath Resource Center to view informational videos about breathing techniques.

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Expert Video Library

Explore our video library to view informational videos and our Expert Video Series.

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Resource Library

Explore our Resource Library to view downloadable content, resources and videos.

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Explore additional content co-created with our fabulous partners

Listen to Goldie the Mindful Moshing, a bedtime story co-created with our Partner Moshi.

Listen to Keep Your Mind Up for Your Brain, a brain break co-created with our Insight Timer.

Listen to a brain break guided by youth voice, Coda Christopherson with Ocean Heroes.

We are grateful to have received support from Whole Health Institute.